This month’s featured Cellar is one of Worcester’s best kept secrets: Stettyn Family Vineyards. Situated just off the R43 heading towards Villiersdorp, from Worcester direction. If you haven’t made a stop here before, you are certainly missing out on a wonderful experience that is magical, tranquil and just absolutely spectacular.

At Stettyn Family Vineyards it is here where you can sit back, relax and just indulge all your senses. Imagine the setting…. Sitting under big old trees, with a gentle summer breeze rustling through the leaves, birds chirping away, sipping on some fine wine while staring far into the distant mountains and valleys. As you close your eyes and take a deep breath and you get nothing but fresh country air. But guys this is not all, can we just take a moment to talk about that cheese platter?

Stettyn Family Vineyards is famous for its mouthwatering and generous cheese board. We see what you did there? As you enjoy the lovely countryside, you cannot help, while admiring the beauty, to consistently pick and nibble away at all the delectable offerings on this rustic platter. 


Certainly what will a gorgeous cheese and meat platter be without some wine? Imaginable right? Exactly! Stettyn Family Vineyards makes excellent wines, (most receiving tons of awards) easy drinking and good value for money. You will be going home with a few extra bottles – Guaranteed! 

By means of decades of tradition, innovation and under our caring hands, Stettyn Family Vineyards has created their own unique signature and handcrafted wines. 

A Little More About Stettyn Family Vineyards Wines: 

The Stettyn wine list is compiled of several ranges, to suit a variety of palates.

The Signature Reserve Range is full bodied, wood matured and focuses on ageing potential.

Stettyn Family vineyards range is their easy drinking range, lighter in alcohol and better suited to light entertainment.

Stone Range incorporates a red wine and Colombar white.

Stettyn also offers grape juice which is an excellent alcohol free alternative in red and white wine.

Stettyn is also part of a joint-venture in the supply of wine for the Felicité Range, which is owned by Newton Johnson Wines.

Stettyn Cellars provides the opportunity for a perfect family daytrip. Their tasting room is open Mondays to Saturdays during these hours.

Why not pack a picnic basket to unwind after a long and stressful week and just come and relax with your favourite chilled bottle of Stettyn wine. Bring a book and just take in the tranquil surroundings of the vineyards, soaking up the silence of the mountains. 

Best yet Stettyn Family Vineyard is very much family oriented, that includes your furbabies! 

So come on, what are you waiting for? Gather some family and friends, hop into your car and take a lovely scenic trip to Stettyn. Take your senses on experience that is not only tantalizing but also an environment that is relaxing in every sense of the word. 

See you there! 

How to create your own Charcuterie board at home?

Now who doesn’t love a good charcuterie to go with a gorgeous wine while relaxing with friends. It doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Keep in mind though, that a charcuterie board dates back to humble beginnings from French peasants, so keep it simple!

Selecting your meats…

Have an array of of selected prepared cold meats, preserved sausages, hams, bacon, pate, terrine, confit and of course our beloved favourite biltong. Try to include a variety of flavors and textures. You can average about 3 to 4 slices per person when building your board. As we love to support local – one of our favourite suppliers of cold meats and all things delicious is Curado so make sure you support them at the next Pure Boland Market

Most Important your Cheese!

You can offer a variety of cheese – however ideally it is best to break it done to the following:

Something aged – perhaps a mature Gouda or Cheddar
Something firm – like a Emmental and Gruyère
Something creamy – everyones favourite Brie or Camembert
Something crumbly – a goats cheese
Something Stinky – Stilton, Gorgonzola, Creamy Blue 

Your Accompaniments 

Here you can use your imagination. Have something sweet, and a touch of savoury, something spreadable, a little bitter and a little acidic.

Imagine items like honey, sweet figs, wholegrain mustard, onion marmalade, tomato chutney, pesto’s, selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables, and olives. Don’t be afraid to add a few dried fruits (apricots, peaches, apples or dates), and nuts as well. If you are adding nuts it is important for the board that they are shelled and salted. Vegetables can be raw (carrots, snap peas, cucumbers or radishes just to name a few), roasted such as cauliflower and peppers, or pickled. 

Just always remember to keep a good balance of sweet, savoury and acidity! 

Your vehicle of transport

Most important to the cheese platter is to have items like bread and crackers. You can add a lovely selection of buttery flaky crackers, grain crackers and thinly sliced and toasted baguettes, or one or two of the amazing selection of Daly Breads!

How to put it all together?

Select your board. It can be huge or small. The importance is to make it look balanced and a piece of art! Once you have your platter it is now time to add a visual variation by using different sizes of bowls for things like dips, honey, jams, spreads, or tapenades. Or use bowls for smaller components like nuts or berries.

Your starting point should be your bigger components. So start by placing the bowls onto your platter. 

As you start to place things, don’t worry about filling in all the space just yet. As you work through all your items you will then be able to fill the gaps. 

If you are looking for texture, roll up, fold, or fan out the meat, crumble or slice the cheese.   

If you want to add shape, think about placing contrasting different shapes near each other. Putting similarly shaped items further away from each other. For example you can place round roasted cherry tomatoes next to long skinny gherkins instead of next to the Camembert. 

The same principle applies to colour. It is best to add contrasting colours to your board by mixing up the colours. Don’t put similar colours near each other. Most importantly distribute the meats on different spots on the board.

However, you want to keep flavours that goes well – together. For example you wouldn’t want roasted tomatoes to be near blackberries. Keep the sweet items or complimenting items together. So I would put the tomatoes with the basil pesto along with the onion marmalade and bread. 

Now fill the gaps, you can now add nuts, berries, and your more neutral flavours like crackers to fill up spaces. 

And there you have it – a wonderfull looking charcuterie board! Serve with your favourite Stettyn wines. 

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