About Us

“Cozinha” inspired by the Portuguese word for “kitchen” reminiscent of a family togetherness where your senses are indulged with the feeling of happiness, laughter and the memories of all the aromas of life incorporating the essence of a multi-cultural experience that inspires the vision of Cozinha, our kitchen.

“Cuisine” deriving from the pronounciation of Cozinha that elevates traditional cooking to an unique experience with a distinctive ambience of elements that are carefully selected by our acclaimed chefs and served by our pleasant and friendly staff compliment.

What We Offer


Year-end, birthday parties, any kind of celebration, kiddies parties etc. Book with us, and we will ensure an event custom created to your taste and budget.


Events in which we can involve the community and offer something unique eg. Oyster Fest etc.

Kiddies play area

Extended kiddies play area including exciting new air pillow and sand haven (sand pit)

Private wine tasting room

Private wine tasting room, offering a solid selection of top awarded SA wines as well as an international selection. We will be doing personalized tastings in this wine room with small groups.

International Variety

We stock a variety of international awarded whiskeys, cognac, vodkas & gins.